three-course meal是什么意思

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1. three-course meal是什么意思


three-course meal是什么意思

2. 英语中course 是什么意思

发音:英 [kɔ:s]  美 [kɔrs] 
n.课程; 航线; 行动方向; 一道菜
vt.快速地流动; 奔流; 跑过; 追逐
vi.沿…(方向)前进; 指引航线; 快跑; 迅速移动

1、In the course of time, many of their myths become entangled.  
2、His course at Sheffield University will not recommence until next year. 
3、The course is designed to help students with colour and composition. 

3. 什么是one-course meal?可不可以介绍一份one-course meal 的菜谱。

八宝鸭 duck stuffed with the eight treasures

八宝冬瓜 eight jewelled white gourd

八宝豆腐 beancurd with eight delicious

八宝饭 steamed glutinous rice with eight treasures; "eight treasures" rice pudding

八宝鸡 stuffed chicken

八宝鸡丁 eight treasures with diced chicken; diced chicken with assorted vegetables

八宝辣酱 eight treasures in hot sauce

八宝酿鸭 duck stuffed with eight delicacies

八宝蒸河鳗 steamed eel with eight treasures

八珍扒大鸭 stewed duck with chop suey

八珍扒鸭 eight-treasures braised ducking

八珍冬瓜盅 assorted meat soup with winter melon

八珍豆腐羹 beancurd & chop suey soup

白扒鲍鱼 braised abalone in white sauce

白八燕窝 swallow nest with white gravy

白扒鱼翅 shark's fin in white gravy

白饭 plain rice

白肺汤 pork lung soup

白扣羊肉 boiled mutton

白萝卜 white turnip

白切鸡 plain chicken

白切肉 boiled pork slices; sliced boiled pork

白油烘蛋 baked/crispy egg in white oil; golden omelet

白玉藏珍 winter melon surprise

白斩鸡 chopped cold (boiled) chicken; tender boiled chicken with soy sauce

白汁全鱼 mandarin fish with white sauce

白杓玻璃虾 shrimps scalded with catchup

百花鸡 chicken with stuffed shrimps

百花酥鹑蛋 stuffed shrimps with quail eggs

百页肉丝 shredded pork & sliced minced leaf

百叶包肉 beancurd leaf rolls with minced pork

百叶肉丝 shredded pork & sliced beancurd leaf

拌干丝 beancurd noodles & celery salad

拌海蜇 jellyfish with soy sauce

拌黄瓜 fresh cucumber with bean sauce; mixed fresh cucumber

拌萝卜丝 mixed shredded turnip

拌三丝 mixed shreds (chicken ham; cucumber; meat; etc.)

拌鸭掌 duck webs with soy sauce

拌海蜇皮 mixed jellyfish salad

棒棒鸡 bon bon (steamed shredded) chicken

煲猪肉汤 stewed pork & vegetable soup

鲍鱼菇 grey mushroom (abalonelike)

鲍鱼鸡片汤 sliced chicken & abalone soup

鲍鱼芦笋汤 abalone & asparagus soup

爆牛肚 fried tripes

爆全丁 fried medley dish

爆三样 fried three kinds of meat

爆双脆 fried three kinds of meat

北京烤鸭 fried pork stomach & chicken gizzard

荸荠罐 Beijing (roast) duck

碧绿酿仙掌 shrimp-stuffed fairy feet

碧绿野鸡卷 stir-fried pork rolls with broccoli

碧玉珠虾 azure jade freshwater shrimp

冰糖肘子 pork joint stewed with rock sugar

冰汁银耳 white fungus in honey sauce

玻璃虾球 "glassy" shrimp beancurd with spinach

菠菜 spinach

菠菜豆腐 stewed beancurd with spinach

菠菜豆腐汤 spinach & beancurd soup

菠菜泥 chopped spinach with ham & carrots

菠菜汤 spinach soup

菠萝焗烧鸭 fried duck with pineapple

菠萝鸭片 sliced duck with prineapple

菜扒三菇 mushrooms with vegetables

菜饭 vegetable rice

菜脯煎蛋 omelet with salted & dried radish

菜干 dried vegetable

菜片鹌鹑松 minced quail with lettuce

菜心狮子头 greens & Chinese meatballs

菜心双元汤 soup of chicken and fish balls with vegetables

菜心素鳗 mustard green stem with vegetables

菜蘧鸡球 fried chicken balls with vegetables

菜蘧鸡球饭 rice with chicken balls & vegetable

菜蘧牛肉 fried beef with vegetables

菜蘧肉片汤 sliced pork & vegetable soup

菜蘧虾球 prawn balls with green kale

草菇 straw mushroom

草菇鲍鱼 abalone with button mushrooms

草菇菜心 cabbage heart with mushrooms; straw mushroom with stems of mustard greens

草菇罐 canned straw mushrooms

叉烧肉 barbecued/broiled pork

叉烧肉鸡蛋花 barbecued pork with stuffed eggs

茶叶蛋 tea flavoured egg

长寿菜 longevity greens/mustard green

长寿面 long-life noodles

炒扁豆 stir-fried green beans

炒大虾 fried prawns

炒蛋 scrambled eggs

炒冬菇 fried mushrooms

炒豆苗 fried bean sprouts

炒肚尖 fried pig's tripe tip

炒饭 fried rice

炒甘蓝菜 fried kale

炒鸽松 fried minced pigeon

炒滑鱼球 fried fish balls

炒鸡蛋 scrambled egg

炒鸡丁 stir-fried chicken cubes

炒鸡什 fried chicken giblets

炒鸡丝 fried/stir-fried chicken shreds

炒腊肉 stir-fried smoked pork

炒龙虾片 fried sliced lobster

炒面 fried noodle

炒木须肉 stir-fried pork and eggs

炒牛肉丝 fried beef slices; fried shredded beef

炒肉丁 fried diced meat/pork; fried meat cubes

炒肉丝 fried pork shreds

炒软肝 fried liver

炒双脆 fried kidney with pork tripe

炒双冬 fried bamboo shoots with mushrooms

炒四件 fried chicken liver & giblets with fungus & bamboo shoots

炒虾球 fried shrimp balls

炒虾腰 fried shrimp & pig kidney

炒响玲 fried bell shaped pork

炒蟹粉 fried crab meal

炒蟹肉 fried crab meal

炒雪笋 fried bamboo shoots

炒羊肚 fried lamb tripe

炒腰花 stir-fried kidney with assorted vegetable

炒腰片 fried sliced (pork) kidney; fried sliced raw pig's kidney

炒鱼片 fried fish slices

炒玉兰片 stir-fried bamboo shoot slices

炒猪肝 fried pig's livers

炒鱿鱼 fried squid

炒鱿鱼卷 fried squid rolls

炒鱿鱼丝 fried shredded squid

炒鳝糊 fried eel paste

陈皮大虾 orange flavoured prawns

陈皮鸡 chicken with orange flavor; orange flavoured chicken

陈皮牛肉 beef with orange peel; orange flavoured chicken

陈皮子鸡 chenpi chicken; chicken fried with orange peel

成都子鸡 sauteed chicken; stir-fried chicken in Chengtu style

豉椒鸭片 fried sliced duck in chili bean sauce

豉汁牛肉 fried beef with soybean sauce

豉汁排骨 spareribs with soybean sauce

豉汁田鸡 fried frog with soybean sauce

臭豆腐 fried beancurd of strong odour

臭豆腐干 fried pungent beancurd

川椒炒白菜 stir-fried cabbage with peppers

川鸭掌 duck's feet soup

川翼洋菇 stuffed chicken wing soup

串烤牛仔 veal brochettes

鹑蛋猪肚汤 pork stomach soup with quail eggs

葱爆牛肉 sliced beef with scallions fried

葱烤排骨 spare-ribs with scallion

葱烧海参 scallion flavoured sea cucumbers

葱烧鸭 onions duck

葱烧鲫鱼 stewed carp with scallions

葱酥鲫鱼 braised crisp crucian carp

葱蒜炒双肝 stir-fried liver with scallions & garlic

葱油肥鸡 boiled chicken with onion oil

葱油烤鱼 roast fish with scallions

葱油淋嫩鸡 chicken steamed with scallions

醋辣鸡 chicken in sour and chilli sauce

醋溜白菜 cabbage with sweet & sour sauce

醋溜肥蟹 fried crabs with sweet & sour sauce

醋溜黄鱼 yellow fish with honey sauce; sweet & sour yellow fish

醋溜鱼卷 fish rolls in sour sauce

醋溜鱼片 fish slices in vinegar gravy; sweet & sour sliced fish

脆皮八宝鸭 crisp fried stuffed duck

脆皮豆腐 crispy-skinned beancurd

脆皮鳜鱼 fried mandarin fish in sour and sweet

脆皮鸡 crispy skinned chicken; chicken barbecued with spices; fried crisp chicken

脆皮全鱼 barbecued mandarin fish

脆皮乳鸽 roast spring pigeon

脆皮烧肥鸡 crispy-skin chicken

脆皮虾球 crisp shrimp balls

脆皮鸭 crispy skinned duck; duck barbecued with spices

脆皮鱼 fried crisp fish

脆皮炸腐角 deep-fried stuffed beancurd

脆皮鱿鱼 deep fried squids

脆皮鲳鱼 crispy pomfret

大地炒鸽松 stir-fried minced dove with bream

大红肠 bologna sausage

大黄瓜 cucumber

大龙虾沙拉 lobster salad

大卤面 boiled noodles with fungus; sliced pork & eggs

大拼盆 assorted cold dish

大肉面 pork noodles

大蒜鲶鱼 catfish with garlic

大头菜 black salted turnip

大闸蟹 steamed crab

带汤速煮面 instant noodles & soup base

蛋炒饭 fried rice with eggs

蛋花汤 soup of egg flakes

蛋饺 egg dumplings

蛋皮鱼卷 fried fish roll

灯笼鸡 chicken wrapped in cellophane/paper

冬菜 spiced cabbage

冬菇扒豆腐 braised Chinese mushrooms & beancurd

冬菇白菜 winter mushroom and Chinese cabbage

冬菇菜心 winter mushroom & mustard green stem

冬菇冬瓜汤 winter mushroom and winter melon soup

冬菇豆腐 beancurd with winter mushrooms

冬菇鸡片汤 sliced chicken & mushroom soup

冬菇扣肉 red-fried vegetarian pork with winter mushroom

冬菇汤 winter mushroom & duck giblet soup

什么是one-course meal?可不可以介绍一份one-course meal 的菜谱。

4. Try our delicious three-course meal,offering you superb value for money. 能给个合适的翻译么?谢谢~


5. 求答案。。

He cooks a 12-course (一道菜) meal that is worth $160
(993.78 yuan). He has met the Obamas and been on many talk
shows. On March 28, he appeared on the cover of The New
York Times magazine.
At only 15 years old, Flynn McGarry from Los Angeles is
a well-known chef(厨师)in the US.
Flynn started to cook at the age of 11 because he didn‟t
like his mom‟s cooking. His mom didn‟t get angry and encouraged him to learn by himself.
“It was after looking at all the cookbooks, going on the Internet and looking at all these dishes that I thought: „I could achieve(实现)that one day,‟” said Flynn.
Flynn began making a name for himself when John Sedlar, owner of a local restaurant, let Flynn make a special nine-course meal for the guests. The meals were quickly sold out. “Flynn is a very unusual young man, and he is very, very passionate(充满热情的).” Sedlar told the New York Times magazine.
In fact, Flynn is so passionate that he has turned his bedroom into a kitchen lab. His room is filled with different cooking tools and a worktable. Flynn often tests his food ideas there.
Flynn has decided to open his own restaurant by the time he turns 19 years old.
“I want to have one of the best restaurants in the world.” Flynn said. “It‟s a very high goal, but I like pressure(压力).”


6. 国外大学300-level courses是什么意思?

LEVEL是一个级别的意思,N LEVEL是最低的,O LEVEL是普通中级的, A LEVEL是高级的

7. main course是什么意思?

主帆,主要课程,主菜; 大菜; 主航道; 
For the last supper, perhaps, he was the main course. 

2.Here's the "main course" what have you got for me? 

3.That was just the amuse the main course. 

4.The main course of smoked sea bass is a classic dish that has been served in a michelinthree-star setting for more than 20 years. 
5.Light eaters may want to order the cold noodle lunch set ( hk$ 85), which comes with amain course of egg ramen noodles tossed in house-made black sesame dressing. 

main course是什么意思?

8. He cooks a 12-course (一道菜) meal that costs $160 (